How To Last Longer In bed Naturally: 12 Proven Methods For Men

Are you looking for ways to last longer in bed? If so, then this article is perfect for you. Premature ejaculation (PE) affects about 30% of men and can be a source of frustration and embarrassment.

Fortunately, there are natural methods that have been proven effective at helping men improve their staying power and enjoy more satisfying sex lives.

In this article, I will discuss 12 Ways To Last Longer In Bed Naturally For Men – from tongue circles to kegel exercises – that anyone can use to extend the duration of intercourse without relying on artificial means such as pills or sprays. Let’s get started!

Tongue Circle Method To Last Longer

One way many men are using with success is termed “the circle method” – it involves making smooth circular motions around your partner’s clitoris while stimulating them orally during foreplay or even after they achieve orgasm before penetration occurs.

This helps keep arousal levels lower, allowing both partners time to relax and take pleasure in each other without rushing toward climaxing too quickly. When combined with deep breathing techniques which we’ll cover later, these simple yet powerful techniques help delay climaxing and provide an enjoyable experience for both parties.

Put All Your Focus on your Partner

Another way to last longer in bed is by focusing on pleasing your partner instead of solely concentrating on reaching orgasm yourself.

This can help take the pressure off, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment without worrying about performance anxiety or comparing yourself with a porn star. Instead focus all of your attention on optimizing her pleasure – caressing her body parts, and using different angles during penetration.

This helps keep arousal levels lower so that you have time to build up intensity gradually rather than rushing straight into it which often leads men too quickly to cross over from excitement into the peak phase (the point just before ejaculation).

The more focused we are on our partners’ satisfaction together with being mindful of our own sensations; such an approach will ensure mutual enjoyment throughout the sex session – providing us the opportunity for a great quality intimate connection between two people!

Breathe Correctly To Last Longer

Breathing correctly while making love has been proven effective at helping delay ejaculation. Make sure you’re engaging your diaphragm by taking deep breaths in and out slowly, focusing on the sensations throughout your body so that arousal levels don’t rise too quickly.

This will help keep excitement levels lower for longer periods of time, allowing both partners to really take pleasure from their sensuality without rushing toward orgasm prematurely

Change Your Positions

Changing positions during intercourse can be helpful in providing better control over ejaculation for men.

In particular, try switching between missionary style or “doggy-style” (where the man is behind her) when it comes to penetration as this helps vary stimulation which provides an opportunity to build up intensity gradually whilst keeping arousal at a manageable level – thus helping delay climaxing until both parties are ready!

3 Great Positions To Last Longer

  • The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT): This is a modification of the missionary position that helps stimulate the clitoris and provide direct pressure on its sensitive nerve endings, helping to extend intercourse duration whilst providing mutual pleasure during sex
  • Spooning: Position yourself behind your partner while they lay down in a spooning or side-by-side position – this gives you less exposure so arousal will take longer time to accumulate making it easier for men to stay at bay from early orgasms!
  • Kneeling-Reverse Cowgirl: Being able to kneel with her body over yours allows access to better control over movements as well as being able to deep thrusts but without sacrificing comfort level; great when looking for more creative ways exploring each other sexually yet still enjoying the closeness all along

Kegels and Reverse Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the best-known techniques that help strengthen pelvic floor muscles which in turn helps with delayed ejaculation. These simple contractions can be done anytime, anywhere as all you need to do is draw up your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle – located between the anus and testicles – for five seconds then release it slowly; just like doing bicep curls but on an invisible level!

The reverse kegel exercise also known as “multi-kegeling” is a more advanced variation of regular Kegels: once again engaging the same area contract four beats instead of one, holding each contraction for a few seconds before proceeding further down this ladder pattern until reaching a full 10-second contraction. This helps strengthen and develop even more control over pelvic floor muscles!

How to do Kegels?

Kegel exercises are easy to incorporate into your daily routine:

  1. Start by locating the PC muscle – it is located between the anus and testicles in men (for women, this can be done with a vaginal wall squeeze). Once you’re able to identify where that area; start off doing simple contractions for 5 seconds then relax it back down
  2. Gradually increase the duration of those squeezes up until the 10-second mark per set – focus on contracting during each hold as much as possible before releasing them slowly afterward
  3. Repeat these steps multiple times a day ideally aiming for at least 25 reps.

Kegel exercises have been proven to be effective at helping men last longer in bed as well as improving their sexual performance overall.

Improve Your Sexual Focus During Sex

Maintaining mental control over your body during sex can help you stay present and delay ejaculation by being consciously aware of the sensations that come up when you reach higher levels of arousal. This thus makes it easier for us not to get carried away but instead “dial down” excitement points with the use of those breathing techniques or even just changing positions quickly so that there is less friction which allows more time to build up intensity gradually towards climaxing!

In addition, try focusing on physical aspects only such as movements or touches without getting lost inside our own heads (e.g.: worrying about performance, comparing with porn stars, etc). This helps bring our attention back to the present moment and makes it easier for us to get lost in pleasure without any unnecessary distractions.

Edging Training To Last Longer For Men

Also known as “orgasm control” or even more aptly termed ‘surfing’, edging is a technique where one has sex (or masturbates) up until they reach that point just before ejaculation then stops stimulation completely which allows them time to regain composure before resuming activity again – thus delaying climax.

Step-by-Step Edging Guide

Edging can be done with a partner or solo:

  1. Start off slowly, take your time to really focus on what it feels like being near orgasmic brink before slowing down completely once you reach that point – this helps give yourself more control over the process as well as providing an opportunity to allow arousal levels to come back down (as longs need) so that intensity build up again gradually.
  2. Once both partners are ready to start stimulating again; either by hand or during intercourse – try to keep awareness throughout the entire process, always paying attention to changes in arousal level.
  3. Repeat this cycle as many times as deemed necessary and do not rush toward ejaculation! Practicing edging a few minutes daily can help significantly improve staying power in bed long term.

Relax Core/Pelvic Muscles

Focusing on relaxation techniques such as core muscles during intercourse also helps delay climax for men. Squeezing these areas too hard often leads to premature ejaculation occurring – so by actively paying attention and relaxing them during sex, can help you last longer.

In addition, keeping legs open while thrusting also helps provide a more stable base which allows us to resist the urge to push too hard when feeling like we’re about to reach an orgasmic peak; plus this way partners are even able to control over movements as well!

Switch Between Sex And Play

Another technique that has been effective for many men is switching between intercourse and ‘play time.’ This involves stopping a sexual activity for a few minutes and doing something non-sexual or even just talking with each other – this helps break the pattern of intense arousal that can lead to early ejaculation.

It also provides an opportunity for couples to rediscover their chemistry, be creative during foreplay and explore interesting sexual scenarios together! This type of play not only delays climaxing but also increases pleasure as it is a much-varied way to experience intimacy than solely focusing on intercourse itself at all times.

Complete A PE Training Program

Last but not least, if all these methods are still proving too hard to cope with then we suggest you complete a PE (Premature Ejaculation) training program such as “Full Stamina”. This 8-week course helps men learn everything they need to know in order to gain greater control over their ejaculations so that can last longer during intercourse – including detailed instructions on how to perform kegel exercises correctly and even get rid of performance anxiety permanently!


Q1: Is Premature Ejaculation Fixable?

Yes, premature ejaculation is fixable with the right approach and dedication. If you’re looking for ways to last longer in bed naturally then these 12 tips will help give you more control over your body so that can enjoy a satisfying intimate experience with your partner.

Q2: Do Delay Sprays Work?

Delay sprays have been proven effective at helping men increase their staying power during intercourse but they should not be relied on as a long-term solution – instead try using natural methods provided above which are safer alternative and have no side effects.

Q3: Whats the Best Exercises?

Kegel exercises are perhaps one of the most effective ways to build staying power during sex – they help strengthen pelvic floor muscles which in turn helps men gain better control over their body and prevent ejaculation from happening too quickly. Other techniques such as edging or using tongue circles with partner can also be useful when it comes enjoying intimate connection between two people!

It’s Time To Start Lasting Longer

Premature Ejaculation (PE) affects about 30% of men but with the right approach, it can be fixed naturally. In this article we have discussed 12 different ways to last longer in bed for men such as tongue circles during foreplay, changing positions and even completing a PE training program like “Full Stamina” which has been proven effective at helping improve performance overall!

Take your time to practice each method until you find what works best for you; remember that no two people are alike so don’t expect same results – instead focus on finding out what makes both partners feel good together without having rush towards climaxing prematurely.

With dedication and patience, you’ll soon be able to experience longer and more fulfilling sex sessions with your significant other!