Ejaculation Freedom Review Dan Becket

Ejaculation Freedom Review: Is It A Scam?

I purchased a training program about 6 months ago and have been meaning to get around to post a review for it for a while now. Well, the wait is over. Today I’ll be sharing with you my personal experiences with the Ejaculation Freedom course by Dan Becket.

If you aren’t already familiar with this specific program already I’d encourage you to go straight to the source and check out the info that Dan has put up on the site. It’s quite extensive and will give you an accurate idea of some of the concepts I’ll be covering in this article.

Probably the best place to start is to read the page on how to last longer in bed right here which is a great outline and even has a few tips that you can try without purchasing the program. Many of you have probably already checked out the main site and will be looking for some additional info before your plunge in and commit to the program.

Is The Ejaculation Freedom A Scam?

Let’s start with the first question that some guys may be worried about. Is this program legit?

It’s a fair question. After all, a couple of quick google searches for “premature ejaculation” or “how to last longer in bed” are sure to throw up a lot of ads for some very dubious products indeed.

But this is not one of those products.

What you are in essence buying in the expertise of a professional coach and I think for myself the program did a very good job of replicating what I expect I would have received if I had gone to see Dan or an expert in the field myself.

How To Download The Ejaculation Freedom PDF

I purchased by clicking on the download link on the site and then checked out using Paypal, which was very easy and took less than 30 seconds. About 10 seconds later an alert appeared and I received an email with a link to go to the download page.

I was a bit confused at first because the email was titled ‘Personal Training Cours’ and not “Ejaculation Freedom” but I assume that this is done for discretion, in case the email happens to be seen by someone else.

I was a bit worried about the note saying that the download will expire after being downloaded 9 times. But I was able to download just once and save the PDF file to my phone.

If you have an older iPhone you may need to make sure that you have an app that can open PDF files. There’s plenty of free ones in the App Store.

How To Use The Ejaculation Freedom Program?

I’ll be honest. I really had no idea what to expect once purchased the program. The idea that we guys can train ourselves to last longer in bed is a pretty logical one, but I just had no idea what this guide that I’d just purchased online would have me doing.

The first part is a quick explanation of how the ejaculation system works. There are also some tips on how to change to way to think about sex. I’m usually pretty skeptical when I hear people start talking about mindset changes and that sort of thing but in this case, I think it was super necessary. Just because I had so many misconceptions and incorrect assumptions about sex and how my ejaculatory system even worked.

In my case, the most beneficial shift in thinking was to stop thinking about my ejaculation as pressure building up inside me that can only hold out for so long. It’s actually a really small change in thinking but once I could let go of this misconception it was much easier for me to consciously reduce my arousal levels using the techniques I learned. It definitely gave me a lot of confidence knowing that I could do this and realizing that I’m not just some ticking time bomb ready to explode with a hair-trigger.

Who Is The Course for?

I think this course is going to be really useful for younger guys who are living on their own and have a bit of privacy to do the training exercises without worrying about their little brother or, heaven forbid, their mum barging in halfway through an exercise.

If you have a wife or partner that you live with you can still do the program, either on your own or get her to help out on some of the exercises.

For the first 2 weeks of the program, I think you would want to do them on your own. But for the last parts, which are a bit more advanced having a partner to try everything out in real-time so to speak could be a real help. I did everything on my own which worked out perfectly for me. Then when I was with my partner I could start practicing what I had learned during actual sex. I was surprised how seamlessly all the skills transferred accross when I put them into action in the heat of the moment. Was half expecting to break under the pressure but that was not the case at all.

How Long Does Ejaculation Freedom Take To Complete?

The website said that the whole course can be completed in 4 weeks. That sounded too fast to me at first, but as it turned out that timeframe was accurate.

What Is The Best Book To Stop Premature Ejaculation?

If you have been searching around for the best book on premature ejaculation I honestly don’t think that you will do much better than what Dan has put together here in the Ejaculation Freedom program.

If you a looking for information about more drug-based treatments, that isn’t covered a lot so you may want to search for a book written by a traditional medical doctor. But if that’s what you are searching for you’d probably just go straight to a doctor.