Delay Spray

Delay Sprays: Everything You Need To Know

What are Delay Sprays?

Delay sprays, also known as premature ejaculation (PE) sprays or desensitizing agents, are topical products designed to help men last longer in bed by reducing sensation and delaying orgasm. The spray typically contains an active ingredient such as lidocaine or benzocaine which helps reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings on a man’s penis when applied prior to intercourse.

This can make it easier for him to control his timing during sexual activities like oral sex and vaginal penetration without having to worry about premature ejaculation.

How To Use Delay Spray

Most delay sprays can be used with minimal fuss. Most manufacturers recommend that the spray is applied to either a damp or dry penis and left for at least five minutes before intercourse, during which time it will absorb into the skin and provide its desensitizing effects.

It’s also recommended to apply two more doses of one or two sprays each when engaging in sexual activities such as oral sex for extra protection against premature ejaculation. Users should avoid applying too much since this could lead to excess absorption into their bodies resulting in potential side effects like dizziness or numbness on sensitive areas including those involved in sexual activity

Possible Side Effects of Delay Sprays

Although not all delay sprays have the same active ingredients, most contain lidocaine or benzocaine which can cause skin irritation if applied in excess. Additionally, some people may be allergic to certain topical anesthetics like these and should consult with a physician before using any product containing them. It’s also important to note that because these products are made for external use only they shouldn’t come into contact with mucous membranes such as those found on a man’s penis during intercourse

Research On Delay Spray Effectiveness

While research on premature ejaculation sprays is limited, many studies have shown that they can be effective at helping men last longer in bed. In one study of subjective premature ejaculation patients, it was found that using a delay spray (Benzocaine 20%) significantly increased the time to climax during sexual activity compared with a placebo treatment

Pros and Cons Of Delay Sprays

Delay sprays offer several benefits when used correctly such as providing an immediate solution for those suffering from PE or just looking to spice up their sex life by adding extra staying power. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks associated with these products including potential skin irritation or numbness on sensitive areas if applied in excess, and the fact that they are usually not as effective on lifelong premature ejaculation patients.

Alternatives To Delay Sprays

For those who don’t want to use delay sprays, there are other options available such as oral medications like generic Cialis or topical creams/ointments containing lidocaine or benzocaine which can help reduce sensitivity during sexual activities without causing skin irritation. Additionally, some men have found success using pelvic floor exercises designed to train their bodies for better control over timing when climaxing while others find kegel weights useful in providing extra resistance against orgasmic pressure points

Choosing The Right Delay Spray For You

With so many different types of products available in today’s marketplace, it can be difficult for consumers to decide which one is right for them. Generally speaking, those with sensitive skin should opt for a lidocaine-based spray while those looking to prolong sexual intercourse can benefit from benzocaine sprays since they’re designed to last longer in the body than their counterpart

Debunking Delay Spray Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions about delay sprays and other PE treatments is that they are dangerous or potentially toxic if used improperly. However, this isn’t true as product manufacturers have addressed safety concerns by using ingredients such as lidocaine and benzocaine which are approved by regulatory agencies like the FDA. Additionally, many delay sprays contain the same active ingredients as products used to treat conditions such as poison ivy so they are generally safe when applied correctly

Delay Spray Usage Statistics

According to recent research conducted by various market researchers, it’s estimated that more than 35% of all men in the United States have tried using a delay spray at least once for either recreational or medical purposes. Additionally, over 75% of those who use them regularly reported having an improved sex life with greater control and longer-lasting sexual experiences compared with their non-spray-using counterparts

Alternatives To Delay Sprays

Aside from delay sprays, there are other options available for those looking to last longer in bed. For example, some men have found success by using special techniques such as the “start-stop” method or kegel exercises which can help them gain more control over their ejaculation while also providing lasting results with regular practice

Training To Last Longer In Bed

Finally, a good way to address premature ejaculation without relying on external treatments is through psychological and behavioral training that teaches one how to better manage arousal levels during sexual activity. This may include breathing exercises designed specifically for delaying orgasm or learning how to focus on pleasure and building up the tension while avoiding focusing solely on the end result. This can be a great option for those who are not comfortable using delay sprays or other PE treatments but still want to enjoy longer-lasting sexual experiences without fear of premature ejaculation.